LWT's Top Posts of 2010

‘Tis the season to look back on everything that happened in 2010, and at Living with Teenagers, that meant a year that included a redesign for the magazine and facelift for the blog.

More people read livingwithteens.com now more than ever. So in the season of looking back, where blogs and magazines around the Internet have comprised their lists of the top 10 albums, songs, movies, shows and everything else from the year, here’s a look at the 10 most popular blog posts on livingwithteens.com:

10. Oct. 15: Is Your Daughter Under Pressure?

We’ve known that our daughters face pressure from the media and pop culture to be skinny. But did you know how bad it was? The Girl Scouts wanted to know, so they asked. And the answer they got was pretty disturbing.

9. Aug. 16: Making the Church Relevant

The numbers don’t lie: Only 25 percent of teens are in a youth group, and 75 percent of them will leave church for good once they’re out of it. Lynn Pryor’s August 16th blog post took a deeper look at the issue and asked a sobering question: Why are we losing our teenagers?

8. Nov. 29: The Christian Side of Harry Potter

2010 was yet another big year for the Harry Potter series, and this post took a different angle on the story: What Christian imagery or themes are present, and can we find deeper truth in the books?

7. Oct. 25: Do You Have Rules on Texting?

There are few bigger teen issues than texting. The Oct. 25th LWT blog post wanted to know from parents: What rules have you set for your teens regarding the technology?

6. Aug. 10: What Book Should Your Teen Read?

For many parents and teens, 2010 meant Twilight. Lynn Pryor’s August 10 blog asked a bigger question: If you could choose one book for your teenager to read, what would it be?

5. Oct. 13: Apple and Anti-Sexting

2010 was a year where many parents were introduced to a new teen issue: the texting of explicit messages or pictures between teens, or “sexting.” Bob Bunn’s October 13th post took a look at Apple’s efforts to curb sexting on its products.

4. May 17: Is Miley Morphing Into Britney?

Lynn Pryor’s look at Miley Cyrus’s new look and her video “Can’t Be Tamed” generated a good bit of feedback from parents as to whether the former Disney star had become the new Britney Spears.

3. Oct. 27: Blackout in a Can

Four Loko burst on to the scene in 2010, and the alcoholic energy drink caused users to get so drunk so fast that it quickly became known as “blackout in a can.”

2. Nov. 17: Living in sin?

The royal engagement was big news everywhere — including livingwithteens.com. Bob Bunn’s look at what pre-marital cohabitation means for teenagers started a conversation about what messages young people get from news and culture.

1. Nov. 8: Teenage girls makeup free?

In a year full of trying teen issues, the top post of the year on livingwithteens.com was a positive one. November 8’s post about a group of teenage girls going sans makeup in the halls of their high school was the most popular post of the year at Living with Teenagers.

We want to thank you for a great year, and for supporting the work of Living with Teenagers. It is our goal each issue to encourage and equip parents with biblical solutions in your role as the primary spiritual developers of your teens. Thanks for your support this year and for walking alongside us in that role!

You’ve seen our top posts of the year and the most popular topics we dealt with. Now we want to hear from you: What were the hottest topics, most trying issues, and popular discussions you had with your teens in 2010?

And merry Christmas!

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